Monday, March 26, 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

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Here are 1800s quilts available to feed needy children:
and here's m y22" touring food quilt contest and exhibit I'd love for you to enter:

Rush Springs Quilt Program & Show a Hit

Rush Springs, OK welcomed me with open arms. The whole town showed up to help me set up the 60 touring food and patriotic quilts and Civil War quilts for the Civil War Trunk Show Program.
The Friends of the Library sponsored this fun event at the Lions Club Building with refreshments and even gave me the signed guest book with a handmade quilted jacket with a humorous cake recipe and antique photos on inside cover. I think everyone in town bought a "1905 Cookbook" and the Centennial Stitches and Heavenly Patchwork books to benefit the library and local Food Bank.
Thanks guys for a fun time and your great help!! Never met a friendlier group of folks.
Whig's Defeat pictured is my latest addition to the Civil War Trunk Show. The pattern is traced back to 1844 when John Polk of the Democratic party beat out Henry Clay of the Whig party for the president. This quilt was found in Josephine Palmer-Wylie's Oklahoma City estate. The family came from KY in 1889 in the Land Run to homestead a farm in Okemah and became leaders of Okfuskee County along with Woody Guthrie.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Genealogists Rock

Never had so much fun at Cedar Schoolhouse in Weatherford with the genealogists. They loved the Civil War Quilts & stories I brought. The signature 1929 fund-raiser quilt from Independence, OK Hi School contained some of their relatives names they'd been researching.
They personally knew some of the Chenoweth clan who homesteaded near-by, of which famous singer/actress Kristen Chenoweth is included. Here's a replica of the famous Chenoweth Civil War Eagle quilt worth $8-12,000 that's on the cover of Oklahoma Heritage Quilts.
Signed a book or two for everyone attending with 100% of sales going to Weatherford's local Historical/Genealogy Museum and their local food bank.