Saturday, July 21, 2012

Collinsville, OK Library OK Pioneer Program & Quilt Show

From Norman, I travelled the next morning to Collinsville in Northeast OK to set up 100 food for body and soul quilts for their Smithsonian America by Food Exhibit. Gave my latest Oklahoma Pioneer Cooking Program. The local quilters brought their quilts also for a grand show with great attendance.

Sales from books and vintage kitchen textiles of $270 went to Dividing Bread, their local food pantry. Wonderful group of gals. Thanks to each of them for their great help setting up.

Cookbook Swap & Shop & Cooking Demo

Fun Cookbook Swap & Shop at the Norman, OK Library. Matt & Amy gave a cooking demo from my 1905 Cookbook of Oklahoma Delight Cake and Scalloped Potatoes along with shish kabob fruit and chocolate pomagranites.

Donated $700 to Food for Thought Learning Institute from sales of  vintage kitchen textiles, books and one antique quilt to expand their teaching underprivileged healthy and economical cooking skills.

Grilling for a Cause--Boys Ranch Town Orphanage

Spent 5 hours in 100 temps outside with the smokers and barbeque grills signing books as fast as I could. My helpers were three 12 year old super salesmen from the orphanage. We donated 100% (over $1000) from my book and quilt sales toward a new van for Boys Ranch Town.

The Meat House in Edmond sponsored the event and donated the meat. So sad to be a vegetarian when you smell the aroma of steaks, ribs, corn and pork smoking. It was a spa experience with a free steam bath.

Civil War Quilt Trunk Show Program

Great time in Guthrie presenting my Civil War Quilt Trunk Show Program and autographing books at the Quilt Guild. Fun group and even sold about $200 in books to benefit their local food pantry.
Set up 100 food for body & soul touring quilts, vintage kitchen textiles and books at the Made in OK Festival at the beautiful Reed Center. They were barbequing outside with local wine and beer tasting and cooking demos and musical entertainment inside all day. Donated about $600 from sales to Midwest City Food Pantry.

Mission Norman Dessert Fund-Raiser in Norman, OK

I ate 4 pieces of chocolate fudge cake as my reward after sweating through a 10 minute speech before 250 people and selling $4400 of antique and touring art quilts and books. 100% went to feed needy people physically and spiritually and to expand their food pantry, medical facilities and temporary housing. It was a festive event with each women's church group decorating a table with beautiful china, tea pots, tableclothes and flowers.

Peppers Ranch Fund-Raiser for Orphans

Fund-raiser for Peppers Ranch orphanage at the Guthrie County Fairgrounds was a blast. Exhibited 100 Food for Body & Soul Quilts and autographed books with 100% feeding the orphans. Here's photo of the bright adorable members of the clan legally adopted by the house parents. They're doing a great job turning abused kids into bright students and productive citizens. Two are going to college.