Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WPA Cushing Library Program & Quilt Show

I've never had to go up one level by elevator and down another level by another elevator, through the hall, with so many turns to find the auditorium in all my life. I made this trip 6 times hauling three 50 gallon tubs of quilts, nine 10' poles, four 7' poles, racks, bases and 50 lbs of books. It was a challenge to this directionally challenged half-wit. But I made it and got the quilt show set up on time to a very receptive audience who kept me there until 8:30. I didn't get home til 10pm.

I showed my 1936 sampler quilt made in a WPA Sewing Room where the women made 50 cents/day in this WPA built library.

Love these trips to visit with the friendly rural people. They're so welcoming and receptive even though it can be exhausting.

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