Monday, February 7, 2011

Pioneer 1905 Cookbook's a Blue Ribbon Winner

Launched at the OKC Winter Quilt Show January 13-15, "1905 Cookbook--Food for Body and Soul" broke all expectations and sales records. It's proving to be the perfect gift to add to cookbook collections. Even men were purchasing the cookbooks to try some of the pioneer recipes, like how to make potato stuffing for your duck or goose.

The big question was, what is sponge, an ingredient called for in some recipes? We discovered that sponge is the hottest rage in bread-making. You mix flour, water and sugar to make your own yeast from scratch--the healthiest way.

The latest trend in cooking is returning to using fresh, unadulterated produce and meat and dairy and cooking like our pioneer foremothers did--from scratch--no preservatives and additives.

See to order for your gift giving and feed starving children and provide clean water with the profits.

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